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  • Mean Streets

    Mean Streets


    impeccable soundtrack. a de niro performance that would have inspired me to be an actor if i saw it in 1973. while it might lack the polish of marty's later works, you drop something like this early in your career you are a playboy pimp for life in my book. and i think the grittiness of it only serves to the grindset the fellas portrayed are a part of.

  • The Craft

    The Craft


    impeccable wire work. everyone is so fucking mean lol

  • Malignant



    a lot of very distinct acts with one being much much better than the others imo but there's a lot of very cool stuff throughout nonetheless. wasn't really scary to me but the violence was great. also really just loved the combat sequences and brutality of this one was not expecting that. me likey what was going on here

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    this is probably the most realistic depiction of rich people in the past, just absolute weirdos all trying to one up each other for personal gain

    "i will start kicking you and i will not stop" was one of my favorite lines in a movie ever, there's a lot of really good deliveries here which are key for yorgos' weirdness imo

  • Ingrid Goes West

    Ingrid Goes West


    and this is why i believe every woman deserves a best friend :) you are so perfect sweetie mwah mwah mwah i kiss you i love you mwah!

  • Moonstruck



    ms cher please ruin ma life

  • The Jerk

    The Jerk


    "He hates cans!"

    this has some all time funny bits, i laughed a ton.

    another movie that changed your uncles life when he saw it.

  • Bottle Rocket

    Bottle Rocket


    it's insane that someone's first film can be this good. a good laugh with the boyos

  • A Fistful of Dollars

    A Fistful of Dollars


    yeah i can get why they feed clint eastwood fresh blood to keep him pumping out movies. one smooth operator

  • The Old Man & the Gun

    The Old Man & the Gun


    one of the most charming movies you'll ever see. the road of the gentleman can take you anywhere scoob

  • Vanilla Sky

    Vanilla Sky


    i think i would have to consider this one of the most underrated movies ive ever seen cuz before today i had no idea it existed and damn, its a truly great tom cruise performance

  • Catch Me If You Can

    Catch Me If You Can


    all this guy wanted to do was pick up chicks