sexualjumanji has written 256 reviews for films during 2021.

  • 28 Hotel Rooms

    28 Hotel Rooms

    1 star because my wife selected it, 4 stars missing because it was the worst movie ive ever seen

  • Kangaroo Jack

    Kangaroo Jack


    kangaroo jack aka mr legs is a real one. respect the legendss. i spit on every reviewer

  • Ali



    honestly one of michael mann's best. really captured not only the power but the wit of Ali. a boxing movie that isn't a boxing movie for all the right reasons.

    10/10 performances from will smith, jamie foxx, and jon voight. foxx in particular was so damn good and you could tell mann knew it right away cuz they work together a lot since.

  • The Beta Test

    The Beta Test


    kind of lost me as it went on but i loved the weirdness of it all. feels like theres a gem there but something happened when it came time to close the deal

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show


    this is a movie about having fun with all your friends. anything less than 5 stars is a slippery slope to a hate crime.

  • Darkman



    superhero movies were so much better when they were goofy coked out craziness instead of trying to be serious

  • Mean Streets

    Mean Streets


    impeccable soundtrack. a de niro performance that would have inspired me to be an actor if i saw it in 1973. while it might lack the polish of marty's later works, you drop something like this early in your career you are a playboy pimp for life in my book. and i think the grittiness of it only serves to the grindset the fellas portrayed are a part of.

  • Tenet



    watch #2 . this movie hits different on your birthday. i adore it. if i had all the money in the world i would give it to mr nolan for his movies. i am trapped within a perpetual temporal pincer scoob.

  • Dune



    quite the visual and auditory marvel. left wanting more but the pacing was great in my opinion an leads me to believe with future installations it could be a legendary experience to consume in one sitting. if we don't get a part 2 i will take my own life for sure so at this point my life is in warner bros hands. love that little freak chalamet

  • Final Destination 3

    Final Destination 3


    weak predictable ending ruins an otherwise crafty and creative movie

  • Dead Man

    Dead Man


    few movies have a vibe as unique as this one. felt like the bong rips i had during it were sent by the director himself. the soundtrack perfectly compliments and lulls you along the journey like you are watching another mans dream. amber heard is a monster.

  • Gremlins 2: The New Batch

    Gremlins 2: The New Batch


    this is actually one of the best movies ever made. jam packed with witty classic banter. this is a movie that defines cinema