Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★

addendum/edit to my previous review.

*puts down bong*

hamish linklater is the only person important to this show. everyone else could have been replaced with another person and you could have gotten the same performance out of them that you did here. hamish acted while everyone else played a part.

well, i actually ended up watching this one. it's impossible to watch this show and not just really start to focus by the end how inhumanly stupid and willfully dumb everyone involved is and while it may work in the beginning to set roots by the end it's the only reason the show has time left in the episode.

each bonehead decision or moment is only there to last 10 minutes before it's waved away by some weak explanation that makes you go "oh i was dumb for thinking that would matter to literally anyone in this show" for the 100th time in the episode

this leads to everyone who watches it feeling super smart, even me, as it goes along because they are noticing things the people involved aren't, and it allows you to craft your own theories about where it's going and how it will end, which leads them to thinking the writing is really good and clever. but then you realize the show also thinks you are just as stupid as the people in it and that you need to be spoon fed everything until it's over hanging on to every word like a sick soul hangs onto the pastor's sermon hoping something that is said or done is the answer.

but when it comes time to actually let the viewers cash in on something what do we get? you guessed it, it turns out everyone is stupid.

netflix thanks you for your time spent in the algorithm and for texting your friends "you gotta watch this show it's so good" somewhere during episodes 3-5 before it comes time to actually do anything with it

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