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  • See You in Hell, My Darling
  • The Piano Teacher
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  • Rapture



    Arrebato is about the loss of self by way of addiction, cinephilia, compulsory heterosexuality, and the creative process. Arrebato says QUEER AS IN - I WANT TO DIE!

    For those who agree that a movie is much more than a plot, please rejoice because I can best describe Arrebato through a series of contradictions.

    Images both shore up and break apart our sense of self.

    Pedro develops a sensitivity where certain images cause him to go into a state of…

  • See You in Hell, My Darling

    See You in Hell, My Darling


    When the ground slips under your feet, the one to catch you or push you ever lower should be someone you love very much. Only then everything gets some meaning.

    SYIHMD is about 3 souls trapped in purgatory, at times struggling against or falling into the flow of the cycles they've been doomed to repeat. Its literally purgatory. Afterlife is just like their earth life, only no one can grow, learn, or change.

    At times, Vera and Elsa can remember.…

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  • One, Two, Three

    One, Two, Three


    One, Two, Three is so classic, my initial thoughts just feel like echoes of other reviews: “molto furiouso,” Cagney’s propulsion, and equal opportunity sardonicism. But perhaps I can say something new about what it means to watch this film as a leftist from the former Yugoslavia who has also been active in political and labor organizing. My dear friend Brian, a union organizer, Spinozist, and Letterboxer, selected this film for our regular movie night group. What does a Cold War…

  • You and the Night

    You and the Night


    You and the Night is a dreamy chamber piece about queer sociality. It is funny and pushes taboos in an utterly French way - Shakespeare-cum-Cocteau. I admire its total freedom, like something straight out of the 70s queer subculture, even as it rubs against my intersectional and materialist perspective.

    Ali and Mathias have a love that only the most beautiful skinny people can have on screen. Udo is their third. Their life depends on keeping the flame of passion alive.…

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  • Cruising



    Cruising is not a procedural or an expose of the queer underworld. Cruising is about a repressed man encountering the fundamental ambiguity of his sexuality. The film's technical flaws are outweighed by the strength of its ideas.

    I loved the pure acres of flesh on display, the desanitized hairy queerness from a lost era of public sex. I loved watching Al Pacino’s eyes flush with (reportedly very real) discomfort with gay sex. I loved the way Cruising never resolved the…

  • Skinamarink



    Memoria for people who are afraid of the dark (I'm people). Skinamarink pulverized the found footage genre and extracted its most pure essence. Nothing more or less.

    Skinamarink requires sustained attention to enjoy. It isn't easy. You could try that meditation technique where you just have to notice the reaction and let it go. Stay still just a little bit longer. Why not? My sweet pup was napping on me just so, and I could not reach for my phone…