Tombstone ★★★★

Yes, It's better than Wyatt Earp...

...and that's because (and I said this in my Wyatt Earp review) it doesn't focus entirely on Earp's biography and past. Saying that, this film is essentially the second half of the film Wyatt Earp. But what actually makes this film significantly better than Wyatt Earp is definitely Kurt Russell's performance. Kevin Costner just wasn't good enough; he wasn't intimidating, he wasn't strong-willed, and he just wasn't Wyatt Earp. Kurt Russell is. And I believed that he was.

A little thought: Some how this film is good, which is weird considering the director. For instance, George P. Cosmatos' only other recognizable films are such as Rambo: First Blood Part 2 and fuckin' Cobra. What?

Anyway, I liked it and it's fun. Recommended to those who like the O.K. Corral legend.

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