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  • Limbo



    Ever done enough drugs to see yourself plunged right into the heart of hell?

    Well that's what happened to Tina Krause. And it took her two years to recreate that experience, with this DIY SOV lo-fi trashsterpiece. It molests your senses with distorted images and noises. Negative colors, strobe lights, black lights, static tv sets, screams, dingy warehouses, dirty bathrooms, shady bars, faceless creatures, gutless sacrilege...

    It can do with a bit of dissection, but this feels so iconic. I…

  • The Nostril Picker

    The Nostril Picker


    I can't even tell you how disappointed I am at this fucking movie, I mean the LACK of nostril picking is truly the most disturbing thing about this gutless throwaway...

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  • mother!



    Oh boy...

    Controversial? sure.

    Pretentious? nah.

    Unique? yes.

    Intense? undeniably.

    Scary? not the scary you're thinking of.

    Good? very.

    Once you get the metaphor, the message is straight forward. But it doesn't bash you over the head with it (unlike what some people think). Aronofsky is just telling it as it is, through his own interpretation of the story. I think it's quite brilliant, the way he pulled it off.

    I would like to Highly Recommend this film, but it…

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I wish that I was alive when Star Wars, directed by George Lucas, hit theaters. It was a completely original, special effects heavy B-movie that took everyone by surprise. A commercial success. The people's choice. A movie for everyone, old or young, with no strings attached...

    That will never, ever happen again.

    Whether it be today, tomorrow, or as long as we travel the path that we're currently on in the verse of cinema. That will never happen again.