Sicario ★★★★★

Denis Villeneuve's most accessible film to date is, interestingly, probably his best as well.

I find that particularly interesting from a director such as he, who became renowned for trading in such relentlessly un-Hollywood material. Yet here he is, sitting on a decent sized hit and on the verge of making one of the most eagerly awaited films of the next few years. Or all time.

Yet Sicario shows an ability to shift ever so slightly into a greater realm of accessibility, building on what he did with Prisoners, and making him about as interesting and unpredictable a choice to do Blade Runner 2 as you could possibly find. None of us really know what we're going to get, and I think that's fantastic.

As Sicario sits under a stifling, suffocating and almost unbearably tense atmosphere, it even has the confidence to shift its story away from Emily Blunt's character and it's been interesting to watch how this has been received in the few months since I first saw this. Many have seen it as an affront to the characterisation she's shown in the film's first two thirds, and some have suggested that Villeneuve simply didn't know what to do with her.

The clues are in the film, though. When Josh Brolin gives her the reason she's on this operation at all, to give the CIA a legitimate reason to be involved, her usefulness has been outlived. She's served her purpose to the mission and, as it turns out, to the film. All she's required to do is help us track down who Benicio del Toro really is. Villeneuve may be discarding her but he's simply doing what the story demands of him.

As for Blunt, she's the real deal. She is one of the very best we've got. A genuine A-lister who can lead whatever film you want, no matter how big it is. She's just got it all but what she has that so few others out there is a real interest in taking the most interesting projects she can find, rather than feel an obligation to fill out lead roles in whatever massive budget thing they can throw at her.

She's just as likely to take a Sicario as she is to take an Edge Of Tomorrow. She'll lead us to things that we might not have watched in the first place because her choices always seem interesting and challenging. I trust in Emily.

Now I'm faced with the prospect of trying to sleep with this terrifying soundtrack bouncing around my head. But it was worth it and then some.

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