Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Absolutely, unquestionably the type of film that rewards a second viewing, and a quick one at that. Spot all the clues in progress and just how well assembled they are by Rian Johnson.

Also, two things were more obvious to me on this second viewing.

1) The humour. It's really not a 'comedy' film. Black comedy, sure, but not as overtly comic as the lead-up to its release had led me to believe. Benoit Blanc's accent and Ana de Armas' 'be truthful or vom' gimmick tricked me into thinking wrongly. This is a murder mystery first, family drama second and black comedy third. But obviously very funny at times.

2) The knitwear. Especially in the case of Chris Evans and de Armas, who between them wear a wonderful assembly of jumpers, cardigans and scarves. I would absolutely wear that lilac cardi that de Armas has on at the start, but pretty much all of the rest of it too. Any hints or tips about where I could find any or all of the items worn here would be gratefully received.

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