Human Traffic ★★★½

Maggie's in the Mud: 80s and 90s British Cinema Project

I mostly hate drug films but there's a reason why Human Traffic worked with me and it wasn't just the soundtrack.

At least Human Traffic makes the efforts to chart the reasons why these people are doing them in the first place, the ups and downs, and there's actually a point to it. It's not Seth Rogen just crowbarring it into something for no other fucking reason than to show us that he likes drugs.

But yes, there's also the soundtrack. Stopping off at particular favourites Build It Up, Tear It Down by Fatboy Slim and Belfast by Orbital, it really does capture the music and clubbing scene as it drew to the end of the 1990s and largely moved away from the independent scene and started to focus more on soulless chain clubs.

There's not much of a plot here but there doesn't need to be. It's about a night out, possibly the last one that these people will have together, and a pretty funny one at that. The inserts and fantasy scenes are done quite smartly, even if they're perhaps overdone at times. The largely unheralded cast, aside from an excellent John Simm and Danny Dyer playing himself, are lively and really in to what they're doing.

Quite interesting to see a 1990s film that looks at male inhibitions and sexual nervousness too. There's a slightly more thoughtful edge than there first appears to be in Human Traffic.

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