Halloween ★★★★½

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So, as I've mentioned on Twitter I'm marathoning ALL the Halloween films this weekend.

Embarking on such a task always seems like a good idea at the start, when the first film is, well, Halloween. But I suspect by the late evening I'm going to be rocking back and forth on my couch gibbering to myself. I was doing this as a precursor to seeing Halloween Kills on Monday, which I'm now not doing because of life, but I'll certainly see it soon.

Anyway, yes, the first one is pretty good, isn't it. We all know that. The emphasis on building up suspense at the expense of a volume of murders is something that so few slasher films since have understood the effectiveness of, with body counts seemingly mattering more. But the murders mean more in Halloween because we just got to know these people.

I really hope they do a Halloween parody one day in the style of Into the Spider-Verse - "Anyone can wear the mask".

I don't know where that stupid idea came from but I've written it down now so I'm not deleting it.

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