Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

Pretty much every time I watch a Wes Anderson film I find myself surprised at how much I like his films.

I have *always* been a substance over style person and I always will be, and I used to wonder if I was letting outside perceptions of Anderson's work cloud my mind over how I expect to view his films. The constant criticism levelled at his work is that it's very pretty but thinner than your average sheet of wallpaper.

I don't necessarily disagree even though I think there's generally more there than he's given credit for. He doesn't delve deep under the surface of his characters and stories, but I feel he's pretty rigorous and workmanlike in exploring his characters as directly relates the story he's telling. I'm fine with that. I don't need films to go deep all or even perhaps most of the time. I like the fact that he likes to do things this way.

Plus, the style employs is so much fun. I really love the inventive use of camera angles - probably labelled as quirky in some quarters, I prefer to see it as him finding a way to visually tell a story that we don't normally see. His way of doing things really lends itself to the animated form as well, as he would prove again with the superb Isle of Dogs.

It's an interesting choice that, in both those films, he's used such a deliberately scattershot animation style. His live action films are so pristine, like everything has just come out of the washing machine, dried and ironed. Not so with Fantastic Mr. Fox and Isle of Dogs. Yet it doesn't seem out of place for the scruffy environs and creatures we are following.

I'm always here for a heist film that tries something different or approaches things with an entirely different style too, so that's why this additionally works for me. Just really cussing fun.

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