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This is a review of the Final Cut. Because I fucking hate voiceovers.

The more I watch Blade Runner, the more I can see the 'style over substance' complaint. But that's not ever a problem with me as long as the style is really enjoyable and it really is here. I've always liked messy, imperfect futures in science fiction with the constantly pissing rain, crumbling buildings and tatty old markets contrasting with the dazzling adverts that sit in the drab sky.

That's the kind of future I want to live in, mainly because I'm from Manchester, in fact. I am surprised that Blade Runner is still as divisive as it is but I think there is a lot of intriguing stuff to be found here every time I watch it. On this viewing it was more apparent than ever just how much of a scruffy and over-the-hill Blade Runner Ford actually is. If he's the best that M. Emmet Walsh can come up with then it doesn't say much about the rest of the force.

Mind you, when his right-hand man is too busy with origami, it's hardly surprising he calls on Ford. It's still a beautiful and brilliant film which is under-appreciated for the quality of its cast and characters, I think, but faced with the aesthetic wonders that are replete in Blade Runner, that is perhaps understandable.

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