Blade Runner ★★★★★

Looking back at the first time I watched Blade Runner, if I had known then what I know now I would probably have expected to have been massively disappointed by it.

After being bored senseless by Inception and just flat-out thinking that The Matrix was crap, I have found myself being very reluctant to watch the likes of Looper for fear of it being another highly regarded sci-fi thriller that I am doomed to dislike immensely. So I have found myself trying to mull over all the merits of Blade Runner and get to the bottom why I disliked those so much but believe this to be a masterpiece, and this review is a bit of a working through of my thoughts on it.

I've done that a fair amount with reviews of films I've done on here actually. Quite often I have sat down to do a review of a film I've just watched thinking that I know what I'm going to give it. As the review unfolds, I actually realise that I liked it or disliked it more than I believed, or that there elements to it that hit a spot, for better or worse, that I hadn't realised. As such, this review will probably be a bit all over the shop (for a change, am I right, guys?! Oh.) - especially as this is a film I didn't just sit down and watch.

So what of Blade Runner? There is so much to love and admire here but getting to the bottom of the reason I think I like it so much is perhaps by looking at its pace. For the most part it is slow, considered and intelligent. In that regard it's very similar to the brilliant The Andromeda Strain, a film I regard as the finest pure science fiction film I've ever seen. Comparing the two, I thought I'd got to the root of what I like in a sci-fi film.

Bit stupid of me - after all, I adore Aliens and the Star Wars films to name but a few, and they're hardly slow. I know a case can be made that they're action or fantasy adventures, but that's quibbling when it comes to this comparison. It really isn't anything to do with pacing

Its melding of its science fiction with some very strong film noir overtones is also almost certainly why I regard it so highly, too, being a big film noir fan and someone who appreciates modern noirs almost as much as their monochrome predecessors.

Yeah, I think that could be it, actually. Also, it has M. Emmet Walsh in it, I always forget that fact!

As for the other two, it's Keanu Reeves' fault, I reckon. I know he's not in Inception but Joseph Gordon Levitt is. Same thing.

Also, no M. Emmet Walsh.

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