Lost Highway

Lost Highway ★★★★★

The perfect depiction of the fine boundary between figment and the real world: illusion or reality? I've noticed that many people need and seek answers after watching any Lynch film, but who cares? If you had a good time, that's all that matters. This is my fourth watch, and I'm still piecing it together. Maybe certain segments are just the protagonist's imagination, but maybe they aren't...you decide. 

In the case of Lost Highway, the dream sequences could easily be described as a full nightmare or the thoughts of a troubled mind. I love this film more and more each time I watch it. So much to take in, some occurrences eventually ringing true while my mind shifts on the truthfulness of others. It's obvious why some people don't like this, or Lynch in general, but one thing his films are guaranteed to accomplish is spark discussion. And Lost Highway is surely no exception.

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