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This review may contain spoilers.

Scream; where do I start with this movie?

This is one of my comfort movies, and I love showing it to people.

Storywise, the story was brilliant and is able to be watched multiple times. With each re-watch, you are able to see more of the details that were left in the open about the ending.

Also, a lot of the movie is a satirical take on the horror movie industry. The tropes, cliches, and themes are present in every horror film. This movie, I would like to think, deviates from those tropes; creates something new within the genre. And with a horror legend as director, I wouldn't expect anything else.

Scream takes the final girl trope and flips that completely on its head; instead of Sidney being presented as defenseless the entire movie, she takes action most of the time, whether it's her first encounter with ghostface, or just her dealing with the trauma of her mother's affair and subsequent death.

The ending is.... MWAH. I love that shit so much. The plot twist??? And then Sidney using their own tricks on them again? Is bloody brilliant.

Anyways, this is like my third time this week reviewing this fucking movie. I need to stop watching it.

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