• Lifeboat



    When I first saw this, I thought this was one of Hitchcock’s minor works. But upon this rewatch, it’s pretty remarkable what he accomplishes in this single setting.

  • The Thaw

    The Thaw


    This short film had me on the edge of my seat. Shot in B&W and set in Vermont, it’s similar to Robert Eggers style of creepiness. The whole thing was super impressive.

  • The Last Shift

    The Last Shift


    A slice of life movie that doesn’t have enough energy to make it interesting. 
    The only good thing is watching Richard Jenkins give it his best, but it’s not enough to raise it up.

  • Werewolves Within

    Werewolves Within


    I liked Josh Ruben’s 2020 film “ Scare Me” 
    for its combination of humor and tension. 
    This is more humorous than that, but it still has its scary moments. Also I liked its satirical moments regarding small town Vermont/ New Hampshire. Nice performances by Sam Richardson and Milan’s Vayntrub.

  • Memento



    I had to rewatch this so I could remember what I saw before.

  • Following



    Many of the signature traits of Nolan’s later films can be found in this early film him.
    The shifting perspectives of time, the music and other little gems are in this.
    It’s currently showing on the Criterion Channel.

  • Doodlebug



    This early short film by Christopher Nolan is on the Criterion Channel. It’s a good starting point in seeing where his future is headed.

  • JANE



    Nicely done sci-fi short film.

  • Afterwork



    An animated short film that is part “Roger Rabbit” and Looney Tunes, and enjoyable.

  • Shadow



    Short film set in Pakistan and I was glad to watch it for that, but I felt unsure about what it meant.

  • Ulaanbaatarization



    Visually interesting short film.

  • Antiromantika



    Short film whose title describes this encounter between a man and woman, but still holds one’s interest.