Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★

Ok… 1666 WHO THOUGHT THESE ACCENTS WERE A GOOD IDEA?! Also these poor kids were NOT equipped for acting in a period piece. Ultimately the idea of 1666 was much stronger than the execution but I did enjoy the 1994 Part 2 portion of it quite a bit. The inevitability of 1666 was truly taxing, horrifying and hard to watch but it was still a nice subversion of expectations. Normally the character causing the hysteria in these witch-hunt stories is some highly sexualized jealous girl, so it was nice to see a man at the root of Shadyside’s troubles. Still- 1666 was definitely biting off a bit more than it could chew but ultimately ends up redeeming itself with the 1994 bookend.