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  • Party Wire

    Party Wire

    This movie has such special meaning to me.
    It's the movie that made me fall in love with Jean Arthur, the first movie I saw with her in it since one I didn't care for when I was kid.
    And most of all I feel a deep emotional connection to the subject of the film, people making assumptions about you, spreading false rumors and causing a lot of pain and harm.

    It shows an old fashioned way of how rumors…

  • The Whole Town's Talking

    The Whole Town's Talking

    This is totally silly fun and I love it. Mistaken identity comedies are always my favorite and although Jean doesn't have a very large part I love her character's happy go lucky and snappy attitude, the very type of character she plays so perfectly.

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  • A Majority of One

    A Majority of One

    The message of letting go of prejudice probably would have been more effective if an actual Japanese man and Jewish woman were cast in the lead roles but you know old Hollywood, had to have a name and didn't think anyone would watch a movie without white actors in the lead.
    Could have been a good movie if not for that and fact it was far too long.

  • Show People

    Show People

    My first Marion Davies film and it's a great one!
    So cute and funny! I loved all the cameos too!