The Clones of Bruce Lee

The Clones of Bruce Lee ★★★★

The first half-hour of this Brucesploitation mind-blower features both the main Rocky theme during a training montage and music from The Warriors. Just unapologetically ripped off. We meet 3 Bruce Lee “clones” named Bruce 1, Bruce 2 and Bruce 3. Bolo Yeung, with pecs twitching madly, trains the clones to fight. They are also programmed by pasta strainers on their heads with wires coming out while a mad doctor repeats “You will do exactly as I say.” There’s a beach scene with the clones in speedos watching a group of busty, topless girls dancing to disco music and rubbing their bare tits endlessly. Also has some of the best evil bad guy laughs in cinema history. Simply incredible and highly recommended.

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