Bones and All

Bones and All ★★★

The cannibal love story movie that walked so Morbius could run...

Here, we are essentially in an alternate universe where cannibals are superhero-esque with a few interesting abilities and a genetic predisposition for their namesake. Which, I don’t watch trailers, but I wish I would've known that going in because trying to compare this to real world cannibalism distracted me from the metaphor, & that's my own fault; I need to see this again. I feel like if you approach this as the real world, you’re gonna hate it. In fact I think anyone going into this expecting normative romance is going to hate it. But if you think of the eaters like vampires, or serial killers, the movie becomes weirdly easier to swallow and understand imo. Essentially if Twilight was actually a good movie (kidding, please don't eat me)

Which is so weird to me because I LOVED the show Dexter, rooted for Dexter, and felt for Dexter the entire run, & yet did not connect at all with Timothee and Taylor’s characters. I think it’s because this movie seems to say “kill people” or “kill yourself” are the choices, when Dexter explored “kill innocent people” or “kill guilty people,” and while he does make mistakes, he does all he can to protect those that he loves. Versus with ‘Bones and All,’ they’re like “well we can’t help it, so I give up without brainstorming alternatives, let’s kill random loners and share stories about how we ate people close to us” so my empathy runs short there.

So while the core concept of the movie didn’t work for me (like it’s working so many others), this is a beautiful film. The cinematography somehow makes even the Midwest look pretty. And with the acting, Timothee is fine but this is Taylor Russell’s movie, she does fantastic, and I would guess this movie finally shoots her into full mainstream stardom, as it should.

So overall: it's beautiful in part but definitely shocking in others (more than I think it needed to be in a couple scenes), it’s got a lot of great things to say about love but the exaggerated metaphor distracted me way hard from it. It’s about 20min too long, the ending is a combination of guessable and laughable to me personally (even if it's unintentional and not what most people are feeling).

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