Blonde is a movie that will make you hate movies. It’s blatant disrespect and exploitation of Marilyn’s legacy seeps through the screen and leaves you with a lasting taste of deplorable direction that does everything in its power to redefine the word “pretentious.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s based on a book. Sure. Gone With the Wind is is also a book. Should we adapt that word for word like the 39’ version? No, because we recognize it’s inherent issues. As someone who’s adapting it for the screen, Dominick should’ve recognized that and adjusted. But, it makes sense that he didn’t want nor did he care about doing this because he naturally hates Marilyn’s movies as well as what she stood for as a positive figure. People, specifically women, still idolize Marilyn and prop her up to be something more than how she might have been treated in Hollywood. Dominick doesn’t care about that crap and prefers to make a movie about Hollywood exploitation featuring Marilyn as a pawn for his little game. The way he paints her is quite embarrassing and I can only hope Marilyn isn’t watching from the heavens because she would be very distraught. In attempting to exploit exploitation, Dominick has done the opposite as his movie just feels exploitative in nature and therefore the movie never feels like it wants to give the viewer any hope or teach us a lesson or promote Marilyn’s lasting impacts. Does she really want to be remembered has the girl giving a bj to JFK? Or the girl who calls her partners daddy? Or the girl who is assaulted and raped by studio executives? Because that’s what you leave the film thinking about. Dominick is a fucking hack. 

I didn’t even drone on about the direction and editing. Someone likes color and aspect ratio changes! So adorable! So artsy! So meaningful! Oh my gosh! Go back to film school you piece of garbage. I’ve seen 19 year old kids make that crap for free. 

That’s all I’ve gotta say about that.

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