Horse Girl

Horse Girl ★★★½

With Community finally arriving on Netflix and The Darkest Timeline podcast I remembered why I love that show much and don't know why I haven't seen everything the main cast members aside from Chevy Chase have ever done. I also want to watch all 10 of the 2020 movies that made it to release so this was a perfect place to start.

Horse Girl started out in a really relevant place for me, I've been realizing how lonely I've actually been over the last few years which has of course been exacerbated by the virus but was already affected by personal circumstances over the last five months, and just this week I tried to improve my sleep schedule with completely disastrous results. And then of course it went batshit but that was cool in its own way. I guess the low rating here is because of how incomprehensible this film is but I enjoyed the ride regardless, and it had the good decency to justify being so abstract.

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