The Room

The Room

tl;dr: I should keep my stupid comments in my pocket.

This is terrible. But it has one of the most hilarious protagonists out there. Johnny. My god. It's like ET transformed into a human and decided to be a banker. Just watching him walk in a park is gut-busting.

Besides Johnny, this flick adds up to being a cinemax softcore porn reject. What is up with all the random city shots that linger on? Why are all of the extras caught with a case of the giggles? Why is fresh air such an amazing and who the hell wants to eat cake outside? The whole flower shop scene is just perfect. The sex scenes drag and they're not even sexy and not in a good way!

Mike's mouth, Peter dying from playing catch, and Steven's god-tier delivery are fun things to notice on re-watches. The absolute boredom of Lisa scenes is not fun to notice. Tommy Wiseau made a hell of a blunder that you just want to watch over and over again. You're not just some lady's favorite customer, you're my favorite artist.

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