Moonlight ★★★★★

"i just thought about you, man..."

the sound of those waves. it is as pure as water.

moonlight is a film that visits my thoughts quite frequently just because i really do believe with all my heart that it's one of the most special films to ever exist. i have a mighty love for this film and everyone who helped to make it exist. there are times where i still can't believe the academy gave this film best picture. to riff from a classic chris rock bit, but it feels like i shouldn't be surprised if any day now, the academy comes out and says they had it right the first time and tell the producers of moonlight to kick it. this is more late-night rambling than a review but i really don't have much else new to share about this film. all of the deserved praise for it is out there already by more thoughtful writers.

i will touch on a criticism i have noticed lately regarding moonlight with its protagonist chiron. many find it to be an extreme error for moonlight to base itself around such a shrouded mystery of a person. for a film obsessed with establishing the identity of a character, we never really learn who chiron is. this is a decision that i could never see as anything but bold and brilliantly fitting to the material that moonlight touches. the three leads who give some of the best muted performances out there gives all that needs to be said for a complex character like chiron. men like him never get their challenging stories told in film. and to dismiss a film like moonlight as something full of errors in storytelling feels like a grave misunderstanding and nothing more than a misguided insult to the people who need films like moonlight.

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