Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★★★

after finishing Malcolm & Marie I had to step away just to even process what I just saw. I was so exhausted and tired, I felt like a raw nerve had been cut open and left exposed. I felt RAW. Throughout the whole movie, I felt angry. The way Malcolm treats Marie is disgusting, how he preys on vulnerable young women so he can manipulate them into needing him. How he's ashamed of Marie and throws her addiction back her in face yet has no shame in using her trauma as canon fodder for his movie. It's something I wished the critics had focused on instead of the petty grievances sam let loose on them (which honestly I found hilarious.) but I also have to say that this really hit for me. It's frustrating but brilliant at the same time. The music, the cinematography, the acting! I love that it was shot in black and white, and despite it only taking place in one location it never felt stiff or confining or like play. Now lets talk about Zendaya. As an actress, she has always been okay. neither bad or great. But I enjoyed her presence when I saw her. But here she blew me away and she is absolutely worthy of an Oscar nomination. This film belongs to HER. You can never take your eyes away from her. John David Washington was great here too and was worthy scene partner to her but this movie is hers and hers alone. Now I will say that the film could've benefited from a couple more script revisions and it definitely a black cowriter.
I really adored this film and I look foward to revisting it and seeing if my score and feelings change about it.

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