The Watermelon Woman

The Watermelon Woman ★★★★★

Now that’s how you make a movie.

I saw this for the first time a long time ago when I didn’t feel safe enough to know myself yet, but I was starting to have ideas of what it would feel to let myself be free of expectations in compulsive heterosexuality, purpose or life paths in capitalism, ability to successfully have creative expression etc ...

It feels like there’s so much I didn’t understand then that I do now, so much of myself that I see in this movie. I’m imagining and remembering how much this movie must have served as a pivotal moment for me, and I’m surprised I didn’t think about it or rewatch this sooner. (Tis the season w stonewall anniversary soon or pride w/e, + my mild depression haze has lifted so I’ve been watching more content, yay!)

since seeing this movie for the first time so much of my academic research has been in the legacy & archival work of radical Black Queer anti-capitalist theory - there’s just so many references I got this time around and that made me so mf happy. Not only to get the references but to realize they were there all along effortlessly tucked into every corner of the movie and reaffirming such unnamed but ever present everyday experiences of Black Queer personhood.

Wild feeling to come back to it almost 6? years since that first watch, now feeling incredibly more aware of myself and my place in life but yet with still so much more to learn and experience (and hopefully create to add to this history).

I’m emo !!!!

edit: also I really felt Tamara I’m ngl the movie was so funny lmao I really didn’t remember all the humor