Specters ★½

Tunneling operations in Rome crack open a cursed tomb sealed for centuries. Archeologists led by Donald Pleasence explore its catacombs unlocking a demon who aims to sacrifice an actress shooting a movie nearby.

Ah, the musty basement of Italo-horror. Late era snoozers like Sodoma's Ghost (1988) or Bloody Psycho (1989) kept from Italian theaters and hard to sell for export. A spongy grendel claw, girl selling like death over wind, and flashes of an aqua-monster withheld for the climax. Someone might've had a beef with MGM, one death sees a stained-glass Leo logo slashing a neck on the lion's teeth. Pleasence appears throughout as a professor that could've been anybody. Like Vincent Price, wonder if the actor had the same dread of being forgotten if ever taking a pause? A vacation would've been time better spent. Watched via Avatar Vision's DVD.

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