Sleepwalkers ★★½

Maybe it's my nostalgia for its time, but not even the mighty Stephen King as screenwriter adapting himself for pro King-adapter Mick Garris can pull the veil of quaint early '90s disposition away from Sleepwalkers. Despite obvious incestuous undertones, it never wades too deeply into the most subversive depths of the author's work. Any running potential in a conflicted romance between Madchen Amick's smitten protagonist and her new muse is ripped away just as quickly as his eyeball via corkscrew when he transforms into a bloodthristy feline humanoid while on picnic. And when it seems like it's snowballing toward a bigger climax, it ends.

It's great horror comfort food though and a step-up from Graveyard Shift (1990). There's plenty of blood, great creature effects, and spooky use of the usually calming Enya for its opening theme. Seen this one more times than I can count either on rainy weekends or when sick in bed. Watched via Columbia Tristar's DVD.

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