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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    MINOR SPOILERS, if you haven't seen this, it's best to go in with as little background as possible.

    It only stands to reason the greatest zombie film yet to come from Japan actually isn't a zombie film at all. Despite the marketing hook, it also sits well outside of the horror genre. Instead it's a transcendent celebration of the creative process that pulls a brilliant humanistic double duty.

    Director/screenwriter Shinichiro Ueda uses the production of a live zombie short done…

  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II


    WE aRe THe tHiNGs thAT wERe AnD Jayson can't look at Evil Dead II objectively at all.

    The film that blew wind into the sails of many a horror fan's maiden voyage or solidified lifelong love for the genre. I distinctly remember my first time. Back when Syfy was The Sci-fi Channel in 1995, and actually worth a damn, they used to do movie theme weeks. Maybe their most memorable was a zombie week dubbed Zombie-A-Go-Go hosted by Rob Zombie.…

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  • Forest of the Dead

    Forest of the Dead

    Idiots drive out to a lake, chat about sex, have sex, and roam abandoned campgrounds before attacked by zombies at nightfall. Then idiots drive out to a lake, chat about sex, have sex, and roam abandoned campgrounds before attacked by zombies at nightfall.

    Nope, not a mistake, this dirt cheap Canadian SOV calls a do over on almost every detail. Once with a group stopping to met up with friends the next day and then that day with those friends…

  • Dead Before Dawn

    Dead Before Dawn


    Entrusted with his grandpop's occult shop, a high school waif and friends on the cusp of the big game shatter a possessed urn sparking a curse of their own design—zemons...in 3D!

    Like Snatchers (2019) and Dance of the Dead (2008), another entertaining-while-on teens vs. [insert movie monster] horror comedy on a modest budget. Immediately after the urns drops, the group jokingly constructs their demise through suicide-induced zombie demons that must be stopped by dawn. This self-awareness speeds up pacing initially…

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  • Ghoulies IV

    Ghoulies IV


    The evil side of the warlock from Ghoulies (1985) manifests into our dimension but requires a gemstone to fully bridge worlds. His human side, now a Los Angeles cop, must fight to stop an asylum escapee ex-girlfriend from summoning this darkness and save his present squeeze.

    A Ghoulies without ghoulies? If only. Unlike the previous two sequels, this ties back to the first film, even bringing back Peter Liapis for a reprise/dual role. However any potential in this continuity is…

  • Slender


    A woman distraught over a looming figure stealing children becomes the focus of documentarians searching for a topic. Doubting claims once interviewing her, they decide to pull a prank as the Slender Man to horrible consequence...

    This found footage bore mixes media from typical handheld, webcam, police dashcam, and phones in annoying vertical. Authenticity wasted by the time spent on director and crew wrangling over production decisions. After enthralled by all that non-horror, a maybe appearance by ol' slendie before…