The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

Did a very good job of absorbing subliminal bits and tones from all the bat-verses. Post-9/11 Nolan stuff, some gothic camp Burton stuff, some 90s animated lore (was the rave fight supposed to be the credits to Batman Beyond come to life?) and some 60s bits with the wallwalking, Alfred’s Shakespeare bust, and it genuinely seemed possible Jeffrey Wright could have said “great Caesar’s ghost!” at any point. But it all felt like a new rendering that built a lot of realism into the sociology of Gotham while at the same time saying with a straight face “the Penguin owns a club called 32 Below”. People have reported back to me a lot of stuff they found goofy or unearned or unbelievable (ha!) but I can tell you at the screening I went to people were legitimately Saved By The Bell “Oooooooooh!!”ing to both big kisses. This movie also looks like it was filmed in real places with real people with real lenses. Innovative choice!

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