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  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn


    seattle's got this program called teen tix where if you're a teen you can sign up and get 5 dollar tickets for any screening at the siff art house theaters. senior year i really started to take advantage of it. i had a routine after school on fridays where i'd take the bus straight to the street of the uptown cinema. i'd grab a slice before the film at the pizza place across the street. then i'd show up to…

  • Your Sister's Sister

    Your Sister's Sister


    not since shithouse has a film made me feel this homesick. i wanna go on a nature walk with my mom. i wanna stay up late talking with my sister. i wanna hang with my seattle people so bad. between the countless gorgeous shots of pine trees and jack talking about band of horses and fleet foxes, lynn does a masterful job of bringing one into the pnw. 

    this is also just a terrific film, lynn’s best imo. love these…

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