Halloween ★★★★


Occasionally, evil will manifest itself. Michael Myers is one of those instances. The boogeyman comes to Haddonfield to haunt the suburbia. Like a ghost in the distance he observes the movements of Laurie, analysing his prey and waiting patiently to strike. Dr. Loomis seems to be the only character in the film that understands this. As Donald Pleasance delivers that iconic speech about Myers, the nature of the film's antagonist is established perfectly.

Carpenter shows us how evil can strike any walk of life, in this case a middle class suburbia. Even in a place as quiet and normal as Haddonfield, terrible things can befall anyone. Laurie, initially skeptical of childhood fear of spectres in the dark, is left pondering whether such fears exist after her encounter. Loomis confirms it to her as well as the audience.

Halloween is a slasher institution but it's also an intelligently crafted piece of psychological horror. The impending doom of the arrival of Michael Myers to Haddonfield and his eventual strike is believable, realistic and wholly terrifying. One of the best horrors, no question.

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