Roma ★★★★★

Hmmmmmm... It's Poetic, it's frightening, and loving in the strange way of codependency. Above all its, honest. A film the reminds me of Gomorrah or Come and See. An honesty that is down right shocking. To watch this and not be moved I may be as grand to say a soul lies not within you. A film that talks about class in such a scary way makes the likes of Parasite bloom in my mind, except with this their is care, a misplaced love maybe, but still care. This is a film that represents life, it doesn't run from it, these lives feel lived, for better or worse, they have existed in this world not just the imagination. That is what sets this apart, that is what is so so so empathetic that it tears your heart out. Art imitating life, I think not, Art illuminating life, more true.

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