Intolerable Cruelty

Intolerable Cruelty ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

This film only has some of the Coen brothers magic in it, not living up to their full potential. It's still nice and quirky. I always find it hilarious when George Clooney plays a character obsessed with his image because so much of his persona is based on his outward appearance. It oddly enough makes me think the opposite of him. I'm sure he takes care of himself, but I am under the assumption that he is actually pretty grounded in that sense, which makes it all the more hilarious for him to play to the idea he is self-centered (the same idea presented itself more recently in both Gravity and another Coen brothers film Burn After Reading). I wasn't all that thrilled with the conclusion to this film, though. The film takes us on a ride through the ins and outs of "love" between two characters, but it doesn't invest much time in making us feel that connection. There is one scene when Clooney kisses Catherine Zeta-Jones. You feel a spark of something "real" there between them, but it's way too easy to dismiss it because she is trying to apparently swindle another man through a failed marriage. Later we're lead to believe she's only marrying Clooney to swindle him out of his money and Clooney responds by hiring a hit man to kill her. Then, by a stroke of fate, she becomes richer than Clooney and he realizes his mistake. They finally come together again for talks about their divorce trial and despite all that has happened they fall back in love. It's pretty far-fetched, but I guess that was the overall mood of the entire film. I don't think it works as well as it could have had we actually been given more of a serious relationship to go on. The film did make me laugh, but I wanted to feel more for these characters than I did.