Sean Fennessey

Head of Content, The Ringer
Host, The Big Picture
Co-Host, The Rewatchables

Favorite films

  • Blue Collar
  • The Driver
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • Straight Time

Recent activity

  • Three Thousand Years of Longing

  • Ex Machina


  • Never Let Me Go

  • Armageddon Time

Recent reviews

  • Only the Brave

    Only the Brave


    A sturdy, sincere, deceptively complex, and sad movie. Every actor is locked in, a who's who of men (Bridges, Brolin, Teller, Kitsch) who pay the bills with IP but hunt for stories about dignified underdogs battling nature and God and their own personal shortcomings. Kosinski's sanded-and-buffed style—architected, geometric images and sci-fi-forged utopic visions—mingles in an unusual way with the inherent chaos of a film engulfed in flames. Early on, Jennifer Connelly heals a wounded horse in a not-so-subtle but helpful…

  • Moon Knight

    Moon Knight

    I remain mystified by the airless Marvel TV shows.

Popular reviews

  • CODA



    I gave this another shot after being totally unmoved by it out of Sundance. Three weeks ago my wife and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our life and so I am now legally and emotionally required to be moved to tears by coming of age stories in which a father truly sees and comes to understand his daughter. I don’t make the rules. Wonderful movie.

  • The Godfather

    The Godfather


    I challenge Letterboxd to add a sixth star.