The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

69/100(was a 59/100)

Rewatch on an even bigger screen makes me realize I couldn’t care less about my reservations, the bluntness is a virtue(though I’d still prefer if it ended on the boat, but I don’t get to have everything), and all I really care about is the glory of the spectacle. I mean, like, c’mon look at this thing. The visual craftsmanship, the image composition, the action direction, the set design, the color grading, the landscapes, the FUCKING lightning holy shit man I’m all in. It’s so easy to fall into this world, the two hours felt like they passed in one — one of the movies made for The Movies, to the point I’m not sure I’d ever watch this outside of a theater, but whatever, I’m flying right now so no need to worry about that. Zamn…

2nd watch

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