Scream ★★★½


It's great! Engaging the whole way through, with tons of fun commentary, witty exchanges, bright character moments, and boatloads of charm. More than anything else, I love how this understands what Scream is all about. I think it's somewhat of a misnomer that Scream was a great commentary on the horror genre — it's right in what it says, but what it says isn't particularly insightful or special, what makes Scream so special is how it presents genre flaws(particularly apathy towards violence and mishandling of trauma), and then not stopping at their explication, instead going further and providing a remedy(putting such an immense emphasis on Sidney's trauma and how that bleeds into every inch of her life), while still embracing genre tropes. This does the same — what it says isn't new or innovative, but it is true, and it provides a remedy to that, in this case by placing all its dramatic weight on the relationship between the two sisters, and handling their characters with the utmost sincerity(their conversation about their parents in the hospital is especially incredible). Likewise, it still embraces genre tropes, always playing out with love for it and, in terms of villains, projecting its "twist" from the word go because it doesn't really matter who they are, it just matters what they do, and what they stand for(in this case toxic fandoms). It allows itself to be fun and embrace the genre through the same type-cast set of characters and abundance of gore and jump scares, but moves far beyond through providing genuine empathy for its subjects, and always prioritizing who they are over what's happening to them. I'm very glad this exists, Wes would've loved it.

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