Pastoral: To Die in the Country

Pastoral: To Die in the Country ★★★½


100 Years 40/646

I think my immense love of Sho o suteyo machi e deyou made me slightly disappointed for a while watching this. It didn't quite have that anachronistic, all-encompassing energy that made me fall so deeply in love with it, but after some time, it all started to click for me. I saw Terayama's vision -- childhood told through surrealism, color, and sexuality. Overflowing with symbolism, what makes this so successful to me is how passionate it is. I see this and I see a man behind the camera who wants to take a medium he loves and pour as much color, creativity, and life as he possibly can into it. He tells the story of his life and the kids around in this insane, chaotic, aggressive, beautiful style. It might've taken a minute, but god dammit, I'm head over heels for Terayama once again.