Malignant ★★★½


100 Horror Movies in 92 Days 2021 42/100

Banger of absurd proportions, oozes with love for the genre both in convention and invention. Taking stylistic queues from Giallo(particularly the lighting and theatricality, as well as a "black-gloved-killer"), then transposing them into a digital world, Wan creates a phantasmagorical world of blood, electricity, light, and unabashed stupidity. Practically incoherent if dwelt on for a matter of seconds, Wan understands and embraces the impracticality of the film and uses it to express love for the long-standing history of ridiculousness within the genre(specifically the inane explanations/solutions found in many Giallo). But, in its nonsensicality, Wan makes it wonderful by continually compounding and elevating the already-convoluted narrative with payoff after payoff of insane perfection, with each more deliriously gratifying than the last. Interwoven seamlessly is sprinkles of perfectly-timed comedy which hit for me every single time. It's been a long, long time since there's been a movie like this, and I'm delighted to get to see something like this in theaters. Ridiculous and stupid in all the right ways, as well as continuously impressive formally, Wan has struck gold once again. Highly recommended to all, compulsory 2021 viewing.

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