The Hunted

The Hunted ★★★½

William Friedkin’s 2003 art film, err, I mean commercial action thriller involving an FBI chase pursuing a former Special Forces operative who has gone psychotic (I believe this is an art film in the guise of a commercial action thriller). Tommy Lee Jones is the Special Forces instructor who trained Benicio del Scary a.k.a. Toro on how to kill stealthily, now he has to chase after him. Benicio had witnessed massacres in Kosovo and went mental; it’s a very brutal war footage opening. Many of the best sequences are pure cinema, in other words, storytelling told with visual panache without the aid of dialogue. I wish more action directors had as much visual skill as Friedkin. What keeps The Hunted from greatness is that it never quite achieves full-rounded characters. But that doesn’t stop the film from being an eyeful.

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