Best Cinematography 1960's. BTW, if I give any such film 3-Stars then it's gotta be worth seeing if the material interests you.

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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    2001: A Space Odyssey is as much the ultimate meditation experience as well as the “ultimate head trip” as advertised in its year of release. Today, meditative cinema has all but vanquished from our screens in favor of rapid-fire editing and pop tunes on the soundtrack. With each passing decade, I’ve casually noticed a disregard for Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece. Mostly, I believe, is because we can’t sit still without checking our phones. I’ve noticed that adults that tune in to…

  • Testament



    Far and away the greatest film ever directed by a woman, but it is in turns so grief-stricken yet so sensitive that it is likely never to find popular acceptance; director Lynne Littman will eventually vanquish into oblivion and nobody will know her name. Which is a shame because in a contemporary moviescape where people are obsessed with giving women directors more chances, people do not want to see what the greatest by a woman could possibly look like because…

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  • Phase IV

    Phase IV


    I turned on the horror oddity Phase IV at 3 in the morning having been quite exhausted and my brain already turned into mush, and that seems like the only right away to watch this weird little number. Take note in every review I write I push myself to come up with my own original material without influence, but in this case I cannot help myself. Critic Anton Bitel of Projected Figures writes, “Saul Bass’ only feature sees humans fast…

  • Space Cowboys

    Space Cowboys


    Clint Eastwood goes to outer space adventure, letting Tommy Lee Jones take it to the moon. Also, Donald Sutherland as the ladies’ man who enjoys rocket rides to fame, James Garner as the Baptist Minister who goes by the name Tank. The four of them were hotshot test pilots back in their 1950’s Air Force days and were meant to go to the moon for NASA in the ’60’s before a chimpanzee stole their seat. In the present day, NASA…

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  • Contagion



    In 2011, I thought Contagion was very good but had far-fetched question marks only because I didn’t understand then the credibility of an airborne virus, microbes and pathogens, incubation periods, and generally the science of it all which happens to be based on actual science. I had looked at it as a “thriller.” I saw it again this week, and it predicted a lot of things right or to come, and while the science has certain variables compared to contemporary…

  • Stowaway



    Stowaway is one of those cases I’m panning the movie but have great respect for the up-and-coming director, the name is Joe Penna (3-stars in my book for his previous film “Arctic,” but I am confident his stock will rise as his voice develops). Three astronauts launch into space for a 2-year Mars experiment, with Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Toni Collette at the helm. The first thing you notice is the “Das Boot”-like roving camera (but slower) as it…