From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★★

I have seen this movie a billion times, I watched it so many times when I was younger I feel like I might know every single line of dialogue in it. Robert Rodriguez's movies swing wildly in quality, but his first couple of proper movies work so well because they're full of a scrappy, fuck you kind of energy. The fact that this was George Clooney's first major role after his success in ER, it's clear to see he just had that star quality. It's an intense and cool performance, but the movie never forgets he's a mean, dangerous piece of shit. I definitely like the batshit second half more than the Tarantino-isms of the first. Its anything goes approach to the vampires make this stand out in an already oversaturated genre, and just hearing Clooney's description, acknowledgement, and acceptance that they are in fact dealing with vampires is maybe one of his finest moments put on screen. Sure, we'll never fully understand how Sex Machine's dick-gun works, and it was nice of Rodriguez to indulge Tarantino's fantasies in a couple of scenes, but this is the kind of ridiculous movie I wish got made more often. There isn't really anything quite like it, and maybe it's just nostalgia talking, but I truly love this movie.

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