American Reflexxx

American Reflexxx ★★★★½

EDIT: My perception of this film has changed exponentially since my initial viewing. An updated review can be found here.

Upon the first shot it feels like a digitized neon fever-dream, with possibly some entertaining audience participation. What unfolds is a horrifying display of human bullshit that's far too raw and accurate to be staged. Although I can't say I'm surprised, it's impossible to not be affected by the animal-like behavior of the mob. Stalking her, demanding her attention and eventually physically assaulting her. Giving themselves the right to lay their hands on her because she's wearing a mask and dressed like a slut. Yes, Slut. That's really what it's all about. Fuck the mask. She's publicly humiliated because of her body and lack of emotional response. Gender obviously plays a huge part in this also. They're fucking obsessed with making sure she heard them call her a "man". Just insulting away their insecurities, trying to soothe their own discomfort, building up the confidence to pounce on her.

Alli Coates and Signe Pierce are my heroines.

FUCK Myrtle Beach.

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