The Conformist

The Conformist ★★★½

"He'll be a typical intellectual, disagreeable and impotent."

A pretty strong character study about a man trying to be "normal" but trapped by the mires of ever-changing politics and agendas.

It moves a bit slowly for my taste, but the various moments that it eventually stops at from time to time are worth the trip. Some great visual staging of scenes and well-placed lighting. Works pretty well.

Also the performances are very strong for the time.

The subject matter takes a while to warm up to, and I'm not sure I fully did. But I do appreciate it and was fascinated by the constantly shifting tones throughout the film.

Italian films really do come with a whole different set of cinematic tricks and sensibilities. Pretty danged interesting.

Film #11 for the 3 Twits and a Brit Movie Club
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