Halloween ★★★★★

KOMEDY KILLER #61 (Bonus Kill #11) of CINEMONSTER's Hooptober Neun! From Outer Space

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...also considered...

Fright #163 in my Year-Long attempt to Shudder my way through 2022.


The G.O.A.T. slasher film.
Just nothing in the same league.

Here's My Review from a couple of years ago when I last sat down with this one. And like I said then, I need to watch this yearly. No excuses.

Since I've probably seen this 20 times or more, I always look for or just notice new things. Shadows in the filming. Actor moments here and there. Camera moves. Sound cues. Little things, but things that definitely make a difference in the quality of this film. The sheer terror that builds throughout the movie. Man, Donald Pleasence is great to watch in this. Such a haunted performance. Masterful.

Pleasence walking slowly down a darkened street, his footsteps sounding hollow off of the pavement as he looks desperately for the killer he knows must be here in this neighborhood. The need to find this monster to not only catch him but to be proven right after all of those tortured years... it just reads all over his face and body language. Incredible short sequence.

"Was it the Boogeyman?"
"As a matter of fact, it was."

Yep. This is the best way to end a Halloween night and to end my Hooptober this year.

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