Halloween ★★★★★

KILL #63 (Bonus Film 16) of CINEMONSTER's Hoop-tober 7.0.

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One of my all-time favorite Horror flicks.
Have seen it many, many times.


It deserves all the accolades lauded upon it.
For sure.

Random things I noted this watch:

* Michael Myer's first victim as an adult... is a dog. C'mon, man.

* If "Fear the Reaper" is playing, it's guaranteed that somebody is smoking pot.

* P.J. Soles is TOTALLY goofy.

* Michael Myers ain't ashamed of driving a damned station wagon around.

* The entire movie COMPLETELY rests on John Carpenter's brilliant score. It sets the tone for every scene and maintains every tense moment. TRULY GENIUS.

* Dr. Loomis parks in Handicapped Parking. C'mon, man.

Yeah, I need to make sure I watch this more often than every 4 or 5 years. This needs to be a yearly watch. if only there were a day of the year that would remind me to watch it. Hmmmm. I'll work on that.

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