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This review may contain spoilers.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything this film had to offer.

I didn’t have any expectations for this film but if I did, they met them all, especially with the fundaments being rooted in human trafficking - specifically in women, and this desire men have to maintain full control on women’s bodies. It was tragic and heartbreaking but I don’t think there could have been a better origin story for Natasha. Such a powerful story around claiming your body your free will, and your life.

Scarlett Johansson holds a very dear place in my heart for several reasons, a major one being her portrayal of Natasha. She really makes me feel at home and everything Scarlett has brought to the MCU with this character means the world to me. I am going to miss her so much but this was a heartfelt send-off to Natasha so I can’t really be mad, can I? 

Florence Pugh and David Harbour definitely stole the show, I adored these new characters introduced to the MCU and the depth of the relationship all 4 of the main characters had. Rachel Weisz’s Melina was incredible and once again contributes to the “nothing is more powerful than a mother’s love” trope. It was beautiful; the entire familial storyline, especially in Natasha’s world, was so essential to her background and they carried it out wonderfully in this film.

I really do like what Marvel is doing with their “villains” recently, showing that they aren’t always bad and that they have their own emotional values too. Taskmaster was set up to be the big bad, and I think her story was really important. I’m glad that she was shown a clear path, alive and well, at the end of the film. Fuck Dreykov though. God, what a character though. The horrific details of the Red Room and the Widow’s training process was really well explored, and it had so many real world connections in my opinion, leading me back to praising the depiction of the ongoing battle women have with claiming their bodies back.

Did I cry when they played the Avengers theme? Yeah, I fucking did. I SOBBED. I miss my OG6 so much. My babies :(

Alsoooo. The opening credits stole the spot for my favourite in the MCU. Sorry GOTG2!

Can’t wait to see Yelena kick Clint’s ass, by the way. Overall, great film. Great end credits, especially.

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