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  • Insomnia



    This is the original Norwegian film which Christopher Nolan would remake in 2002. Excluding the climax, events and characters more or less play out the same in both versions; stylistically, though, this is quite different (and mercifully free of Hilary Swank). Some camera play similarly conveys the sleeplessness of its protagonist; but where Nolan's approach could be quite jarring, here I found things more effective. One technique, in particular, reminded me of a scene in Coppola's The Conversation, where location…

  • Double Indemnity

    Double Indemnity


    Overrated Wilder and overrated noir. I wasn't impressed when I first saw it years ago, but its reputation and my now-developed Wilder obsession demanded I give it another go. Sure, it's early noir, it ruffled and rolled around in the Hay(s code), and it's a prime example of the tropes that define the genre; but for me, it mainly amounts to a (nonetheless well-shot) drawn-out melodrama. People rave about Stanwyck, but I've never caught the bug and this definitely isn't…

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  • Rush Hour

    Rush Hour


    I can't help but crack up every time Chris Tucker breaks into dance.

    The gold standard for buddy cop movies, as far as I'm concerned; even if Carter is reckless and incompetent right through to the end (and entirely undeserving of any praise provoked by his inadvertent heroics).

    I can tell this is the same writer as The Hidden: a sorely underrated buddy-cop/sci-fi drama/b-horror... thing.

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    Part "just ok" job-gone-wrong action flick, large-part drawn-out and obnoxious Edgar Wright copycat (with splatterings of Tarantino). A film like this needs to lean hard into good pacing, energy and chemistry. Aesthetics and editing style give the impression of energy here but numerous flashbacks spread a basic narrative thin and give the illusion of a more convoluted plot than what you're actually being fed. Chemistry is just.. not there. There are moments that hit, but far more often the jokes…

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  • Parasite



    Watched with Tom!! 🚀.

    I really liked Parasite, but it's not a great film; I completely understand the hype, but I feel that its popularity is based on a mixture of Bong having successfully built up a reputation over the years, breaking into the western scene most recently, having the right distributors attached and ultimately presenting people with a film that is original and surprising.

    However, original + surprising does not necessarily a good film make.

    I think I would…

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    If Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi is an example of how not to "subvert" expectations, then Knives Out can be considered the antithesis.

    A modern take on the traditional murder-mystery format, while maintaining the feel and atmosphere of a bygone era; Knives Out is much like a period piece, and when in the confines of the house (our main setting) is quite easy to forget as being set in modern day. While it pays homage to a number of well…