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  • A New Leaf

    A New Leaf

    "Despite focusing on a self-absorbed jerk contemplating murder most of the runtime, A New Leaf is a genuinely sweet film. Maybe that’s due to the studio interference—May’s cut included an excised subplot casting marriage as a life sentence—but the film’s ending and Henry’s slow growth remained unchanged from May’s vision. At one point after getting soaked to the bone, Henry asks Henrietta 'Still cold?' Henrietta says, 'I feel a little warmer,' a perfect summation of A New Leaf’s effect." Featured by Danielle Burgos

  • Stockholmsnatt


    Screen Slate's friends at Le Cinema Club recently invited us to pick a film for their weekly streaming selection.

    "Amid the proliferation of stereos and VCRs in the 1980s, Sweden’s youth culture was taken with The Karate Kid, horror movies, and hip-hop, ushering a new wave of counter-culture and youth rebellion. This also led to moral panic over videovåld (“video violence”), Sweden’s own version of the UK “Video Nasties,” which elevated movies by homegrown exploitation filmmakers like Mats Helge Olsson…

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