Un Chien Andalou

Un Chien Andalou ★★★★

Luis Buñuel & Salvador Dalí seminal surrealist work is intoxicating esp so striking on the big screen,almost a century on the violence&obscenity is still provocative and it's time/space bending imagination amazes me,I may not understand what it all is suppose to mean but every scene is deeply visceral& emotional,its innovative technique are still so refreshing,the editing and how it plays with time and space with montage contradicts the narrative logic we grown so used to seeing.I was so excited as if I am watching something being invented in front of my eyes.I admit that everything I know about surrealism comes from my passion for David Lynch films,and here I see a lot of the signature tropes of Lynch such as the crossfades,jump cuts and the manipulation of time and space right here in one of the early surrealist classic,it esp reminded me the mythical quality of Twin Peaks’s Red Room.The grotesque ants crawling out of hands scene was recently lifted straight to Quentin Dupieux’s Incredible But True where I think traces of Buñuel satirical edge and absurd sensibilities can also be found in Dupieux’s films.Overall I think this classic lived up to its name,the level of unconstraint imagination demonstrated thrilled me showing how boundless the medium of film is capable off,one doesnt always need to ground something in reality or narrative,there needs no excuse for maddening creativity to flourish.

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